Step 1/6: Let's get started
Step 1/6: Let's get started


Please read the below instructions carefully to ensure we capture your information correctly.

If you're unsure about how to register, email us at



(i.e. haven't registered to played hockey in Australia, or haven't played hockey since 2019)

Proceed below using the "NEW MEMBER" option.

If you're unsure if you have registered before please proceed as a new member. Once you put in your name and date of birth on the following screen, the system will advise you if there is an existing account that matches your information.


RETURNING MEMBERS (Includes players transferring from other clubs)

(i.e. have registered to play hockey anywhere in Australia since 2019)

This means you already have an account, and a "National ID number". Proceed below using the "RETURNING MEMBER" option.

If you're unsure f you have registered before, don't worry. Once you put in your name and date of birth on the following screen, the system will let you know if it finds an existing account for you. 



If you are transferring to Melbourne Razorbacks Hockey Club from another club and are no longer playing with your previous club. Please complete the registration process as a returning member and a transfer will be commenced once your registration is complete. 

We recommend all transferring players advise their previous club that they are transferring and settle any outstanding fees before commencing this process to ensure a quick transfer. 



(i.e. play for two clubs across two different competitions - in either Summer or Winter, Winter Weekend or Winter Midweek)

Register with your Main/Primary* club first via that club's registration page.

Pay the HV registration fee when you register with your Main/Primary club.

Then, register with your Dual/Secondary with Melbourne Razorbacks Hockey Club using the "RETURNING MEMBER" button on the Secondary club's registration page. The system will recognise that you have already paid the HV rego fee and will change the payable amount to $0 for your Secondary club rego.

For more support, follow this helpful step-by-step guide (may open or save as a PDF - so check your download folder if the link doesn't seem to work).

* = If you wish Melbourne Razorbacks Hockey Club to be your Main/Primary club, please register here first. 

Note: A transfer is not required unless you want to change your Primary club. If you do wish to change your Primary club, follow the transfer process above before your register.


2024 FEES

   Adult  $550.00
   Student (19+)  $420.00
   Junior (18 and under)  $260.00
   Goalkeeper (with own kit)  $260.00
 Masters Midweek  
   Full Season  $330.00
   Masters Midweek Add-on  $130.00
 5-Game Trial  $175.00

The above fees don’t include the Hockey Australia / Hockey Victoria registration fees ($127.31 seniors / $98.31 juniors / $69.81 5-games senior)



Full payment will be required at checkout. If you would prefer to set up a payment plan or have been advised that you are eligilble for a discount please contact 



If you are looking to play whilst visiting Melbourne please email to discuss your eligibility prior to registering for the season.



If you need more support, contact the club on or contact HV via this webform.


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